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TikTok Live 

Please see info below for pricing & topics available for live readings.

Credit Card Payment

Live Guidelines

  • Be courteous of others who are getting a reading. Hold comments until I am finished their reading.

  • I do not offer yes/no questions. Subscriptions will get a free card pull from the deck of the week, just stop in during live & say hello.  


$35USD Tea Leaf Reading (per topic/season)

$35USD Card Reading (one topic per payment)

$55USD Energy Healing/Spiritual Gifts/Dream Interpretation

$77USD Combination of Reading/Healing/Spiritual Gifts or Dream Interpretation

Please make sure if you are not in the US that you covert to USD.

Topics Covered

** I only do Mediumship/ Passed Loved Ones via private session** Please see "Private Readings" tab to book.

Card Readings: General (whatever guides want to communicate/ current energy), Love, Fertility, Career/Finances, Family/Friend Relationships.


Tea Leaf Readings: You may pick a topic or season to look into. If you would like to do multiple topics or seasons you will send ($35) per topic/season you want to look into. You can mix & match if you would like to do a topic & a season. 

If you have multiple topics you're wanting to receive guidance for or would rather have privacy please book a private session to allow for more time. Private sessions are done via video chat.

Energy Healing: Whichever energy centers are standing out is where I will primarily focus clearing/moving stagnant energy to help open those centers. If you need more in depth advice/guidance & need help working through emotional blockages please book a private healing session. 

Topics NOT Covered

** I only do Mediumship/ Passed Loved Ones via private session** Please see "Private Readings" tab to book.


I will not look into things that you are not directly involved in/happening to you (i.e. will my daughter get pregnant, parents divorce, what your ex is thinking/feeling etc.) I also do not look into health or legal related concerns please seek a licensed professional in that service.


Readings are for entertainment purposes only & in no way substitute financial, legal, business, medical, or psychological advice. 

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